Caring for Jewelry

Your new Alkemi Designs silver Jewelry is made from .925 Silver and as as such needs to be properly cared for.

Silver naturally oxidizes and this oxidizing can be accelerated with contact with sweat, perfumes, chemicals and other environmental contact.
Try to avoid swimming in pools and when bathing and take your jewelry off when washing dishes or any activity with chemicals or solvents. Further exposure to things like sea salt and body lotions and perfumes can also accelerate tarnishing.

If your jewelry dulls or oxidizes to an undesirable finish then you can use a silver polish or even toothpaste and gently remove any oxidization until desired finish is achieved.

For general cleaning we recommend also to dip your jewelry in hot water mixed with a little dish detergent and let soak for 20 minutes to remove oils and buildup of chemicals. This will help remove buildup..

When not wearing your jewelry it is recommended to not keep exposed to the elements and to keep in the supplied Alkemi pouch to help reduce tarnishing.